THE COLLECTIVE R&B

Joey DiMarco founded this unit of seasoned musicians with the sole purpose of providing the best R&B possible and also to enjoy playing the music that everyone loves and is not heard anymore. The Collective is a band that collectively has years and years of experience. The Collective core band consists of: Donnie Meeker who is a veteran singer and front man, Don Hart on bass who with Joey DiMarco set up impeccable grooves, color it with Dave Girdlestone on guitar who is also an amazing guitar slinger and lets not forget Doug Balfour who tickles the ivories. The experience is outstanding and will have your feet stomping and you will be dancing. The Collective is a groove oriented band that feels good, Joey specializes in setting the solid grooves, The history of these musicians is enormous and too much to list but you can expect an experience that will having you wanting more. The Music is R&B and it is exactly that, tunes that we all love and will bring you back to those days of memories gone by. Joey also works with Kenny Blues Boss Wayne and just recorded his third album with Kenny, he is a groove meister and surrounds himself with the best and these musicians are the best in the business, this band was put together also as a unit to back up anyone that wants to hire them.

Look for them in you favorite local venue and look forward to having fun because the bottom line is that The Collective has FUN!!!!! And so will you.

Dakotas Sports Bar and Grill Feb 8/20